Thinning hair - a former taboo topic?

For decades, people’s hair problems were hardly ever discussed openly, especially men’s. However, this topic is no longer taboo. The football Bundesliga trainer Jürgen Klopp and the TV broker Marcel Remus are arguably the most famous hair transplantation patients in Germany. Both underwent a hair grafting procedure in 2013, and gave interviews on the subject. The reaction was entirely positive, so the former taboo topic of hair transplantation is now finally discussed publicly, offering those concerned the chance to find out more about hair grafting.

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Willi Herren


On 9 January 2017, the famous actor and singer WILLI HERREN underwent a transplantation at the Hairmedic Clinic. Willi Herren became famous as an actor from the series "Lindenstrasse", Dschungelcamp and as a pop singer. Further details in the next few days on RTL and the Bild newspaper. Will will be showing his healing process on YouTube every 3 months. A short live interview by the Bild newspaper can be found at

Facebook-Bild Online-Ruhrgebiet or Hairmedic Facebook.

Willi Herren after the surgery

Willi Herren at the hair surgery

Willi Herren after the surgery

Video with Willi Herren

-> Video with Willi Herren.

Post on RTL

Find the post by RTL from the 1st February 2017 by clicking on the link below to TV NOW. The post starts roughly with the time code: 40:30 mins.

Julian F.M. Stoeckel

The designer Julian F.M. Stoeckel, known from Dschungelcamp, also underwent a hair transplantation at Hairmedic.

More on the report under press on this homepage.

Marc Barthel

Actor Marc Barthel, known from the series "gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten" and "verbotene Liebe”, received a hair transplant at Hairmedic in Dortmund.

You can follow Marc Barthel’s experience step by step now on 7 videos on YouTube!

Over 250,000 !!!!!!!! people have seen the videos so far.

More on the report under press on this homepage.

New Video 4.8.2017, 60 sek. - my surgery story

-> Video with Marc Barthel.

Benjamin Melzer

Benjamin Melzer, finalist as cover model of Men’s Health. His story has fascinated us as well as the media. /Bild newspaper from 03 February 2016, WDR Aktuelle Stunde from 02 February 2016, Galileo from 18 February 2016, Stern TV from 19 May 2016 and many more).

Benjamin suffered from hair loss and bald spots due to hormone medication. We carried out Benjamin's hair transplant. Watch his results on video and read his story in the "press" section.

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