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Costs, pain... the 7th part of his YouTube series, actor Marc Barthel delves deep into hair transplantation issues.


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60 seconds - My hair transplant story on Youtube

Benjamin Melzer

Benjamin Melzer is the winner of the qualifying round for the cover model contest of Men´s Health magazine. Benjamin won with a great lead and is nominated for the final round.

What makes his choice so special? Read his exceptional story here.


Benjamin had his receding hairline transplanted at our clinic on 14 November 2015.

The Hairmedic team shares his joy.

Marc Barthel

On 31 August 2015, the actor Marc Barthel from Berlin underwent a hair transplantation following the FUE method at Hairmedic Dortmund.

26-year-old Marc, who, among many other roles, became famous for his portrayal of Tim Helmke from the series “verbotene Liebe” or of Magnus Schneider in “gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten”, set great store by a high-quality treatment in Germany. Hairmedic was recommended to him within his circle of actors and friends. Marc Barthel suffers from typical hormone-induced hair loss. 3,000 grafts were transplanted in his front and lateral receding hairline.

Willi Iwanitzki

Willi Iwanitzki with his wife, the HAIRMEDIC team and the camera crew of RTL2

Mr Iwanitzki was treated at our clinic in Cologne on 18 February 2015. A total of 3,000 grafts following the FUE method were inserted by our team, which is responsible for all the surgeries.

The Iwanitzki family is closely related to Willi Herren from Cologne, and will get its own “Home story” “die Iwanitzki`s” in the next few months on RTL 2.

The pictures show the progress of the treatment. We will be happy to show the final result in the next few months.

Willi Herren

Willi Herren, known from the Dschungelkamp, a real character and Mallorca singer, is irritated by his ever thinning hair and plans a hair transplant at our clinic.

Press link Bild newspaper

Hair surgery! Willi Herren has a receding forehead.

Julian F.M. Stöckel

Dschungelcamp 2013

The famous designer, Dschungelcamp participant and entertainer with a distinctive style is worried about his high hairline and his ever thinning hair.

As a first step, on 30 June 2015 we will transplant Julian F.M. Stöckel’s hairline further down his forehead with around 2,000 FUE grafts. Later, between his many events, the top of his head will be filled.

He made the long journey from Berlin to Dortmund because Artemedic or HAIRMEDIC was recommended to him.

The hair transplantation was followed by the “OK” magazine. We will publish the reports after the 30 June 2015 and show the results.

Julian F.M. Stöckel with Natascha Ochsenknecht
Julian F.M. Stöckel at the Dschungelcamp
Julian F.M. Stöckel with Harald Glööckler

Julian F. M. Stoeckel at Hairmedic